Pictured, one piece from a series titled K. Click on it to enlarge it.

( K is a series spanning from 2012 to  2017, with the last piece being finished currently.)

So — ART — This is what I bring to the table 2017.

My artistic life now is comprised of 2 super-goals:

1) Exhibiting at a gallery.

2) Creating supremely honest works, true to my unique signature, melding my base of influence, invention, fascinations, color palette and design. #completion

Importantly, ruling over those 2 elements is a knowledge of right from wrong, worthy from unworthy. I strive to reach speedy determinations — quicker than I would as when I was a younger artist.

Recently, I have been composing animations, soundtracks and motion graphics through Flppn Chnnlz. I have enough material for a reel and proceed on toward my goal of approaching a streaming service, one looking for unique content. If I had a team of animators in league — it would be world-shaking. Cool Hand Luke Style.

Record Books: What I used to call sketchbooks I now call “Record Books” It is a meld of sketchbook and scrapbook, but for heaven’s sake scrapbook just sounds so misleading.

VPOI: collecting curated past works or evidence of artistic expression ( efforts of significance or value // evocative, energetic, mysterious ) The first compilation in this category is a book – of which a demo/prototype is available here at Blurb.

I face challenges of time and one might call me not simply a creative, but a creative survivalist.