Flppn Chnnlz Youtube Channel

I recently tore apart my Instagram, Flppn Chnnlz, archiving some images and videos, deleting many, many more. But unlike it being some manic episode, it was not, it was the action required after a continuing analysis of what I consider my Network Petit.

After years of posting, even before FC, I always cringed at the overall layout ugliness — eventually. No matter what the page seems a hodge-podge.

So I decided to change that. Currently I am implementing a look and format that will please myself as well as I believe the viewer. The best videos created — that were deleted — will be replaced on the site in time, within the new format.

A good portion of some of the more visual and soundtrack work, thematic FlppnChnnlz features under the titles of #fractalfriday #tbt #vocalwednesday and others are warehoused at the Google+ brand page. Google does not let you have a unique ID or url until your channel or brand reaches certain benchmarks – so I go the tiny URL route for now.


Placing them all up in one day is prohibitive, cutting into creative time. So posts will be placed up over time, relaxed right post — right time.


2017 was here. Every year since enabling WordPress, I’ve typed out some kind of affirmative statement or prediction for the upcoming year. I will not do that now.

For years I endeavored to design the whole deal, ground up. Yet — real snappy customization and the time it demands of me — not this time. Down the line perhaps I will pay someone to do something entirely UI dazzling, but for now, simplicity serves. I don’t want anything taking away from either my ability to truly create new things or their ability to be presented without distraction.

A few, limited features shown in other versions of the site will return — but these days it is all about vibrant new  material.

Importantly — an online store has been added. In the past people would contact me various ways, and commissions can still be arranged, but items shall become more available as they are created and promoted.

My greatest multimedia efforts are concentrated at http://instagram.com/flppnchnnlz.
*Flppn Chnnlz are re-broadcast at the Flppn Chnnlz Youtube account.