A look back at a cartoon.

This is the last — not the last one I will ever do — but the last color full page cartoon I’ve done. From a Facebook memory suggestion and a repost, plus a bit of praise from my friend Rob, I was prompted to place it here. Actually I thought I had!

This will be placed in my book of “comic art experiences” for the lack of a better book description. I have called the book VPOI 3 – a code. It will have a proper title.

This cartoon is an improvisation on a idea: Mr. Peanut looked pretty high society. I imagined he’d have other nut friends, all these kind of Great Gatsby, blue blood snobs.

I researched — went deep — seeds, drupes, legumes, nuts and as usual a plot line, rhythm and eventual comic resolution developed. I even placed in the Egyptian Goddess Nut, as well as a Nutcracker. The building at the top is modeled on references from Planters first headquarters, which looked like a bank; the sleeping guy at the top left he is the founder of Planters peanuts — note, an immigrant who built the company up from nothing, selling peanuts in paper bags.

Looking back the piece is a bit busy, I’ll admit, a lot of word balloons in that soiree middle stretch — I think it could make a lovely animated piece. I crammed all my ideas into this semi-curvy one page layout.

I still can say, sometimes I am more fascinated with the construction of the layout, at times impractically so. I will have a show of pieces that are strictly constructed as layouts without comics inside them.

A page devoted especially to my cartoon experiences is coming.

A note about this picture to the left which was taken early in the work on the piece: that is my “Bonnie Lassie” nib holder / quill call it what you will.