Montezuma’s Revenge Art

Here you see the original Montezuma’s Revenge screen from the game as it was originally produced in 1983 by my good friend, Rob Jaeger. If you look closely you can see my credit for concept, which was a very thoughtful inclusion. Even though that little line was removed when the game was acquired by Parker Bros., I am forever linked to the game.

Yes it is an early Atari era game, but it has its devotees and the title is not an ossified relic. It has been ported to Android and iPhone platforms and was even a game of greater challenge for Google’s DeepMind AI.

Recently, Rob acquired for his personal enjoyment, quite a dandy cabinet, through which one can play a multitude of games.

Gaming CabinetRob has enlisted me to create artwork for the cabinet. The areas to be adorned with artwork, via vinyl decal application are, the button and joystick area, both sides, the illuminated top bar and possibly an area around the monitor.

I have been posting sketch artwork up to the game’s Facebook page and I thought, why not post something here at my site? When this all gets completed I will surely take photos once the cabinet artwork has been applied.

I am quite excited to get this completed, transforming the stock cabinet with attractive appliqués.


See the original opening promo from the original Montezuma’s Revenge here, at

I will post the final artwork before printing and later, pictures of the overlays applied to the cabinet.

Below is one of the original Pedro sketches.