Histories ( VPOI + )

VPOI. An Armoredbaby History Project:

I am — nor is anyone the person they were ages back, or even yesterday.

I am involved in a process which I’ve determined was officially started in 2003, when I practically attacked a large cache of “sketchbooks”. It was a collection I had been obsessively producing, book after book, without cease, since college and through the 90s-2000s.

Art lay in them, like oil lies in the ground. I guess you can say in 2003, on an explosive day, I began to extract elements of “art”, of freedom, or the truest expressions. I tore them away from affected paragraphs and account after account of, shall I simply say “less than productive behaviors and pursuits”.

As of 2017 it has been divided into 3 volumes. VPOI 1 is the result of that first assault in 2013. VPOI 2 is being handled similarly but less violently. VPOI 3 is devoted to my experience with cartoon art.

Portfolio GoneA moment: Here I am in 2016 – discarding my weathered portfolio case   which was originally presented to me as a gift, from my parents,  celebrating my high school graduation and intended for my future. I would first use it during my interview at the School of Visual Arts.

Eventually it was simply used to store various “originals”, primarily ink works created initially during my experience as a student of cartooning art, and eventually almost all others after college, produced over decades. Eventually to my eyes, it became unsightly and I migrated all works deemed worthy to a storage case, until they can be then again, processed further.

VPOI, or “Vanishing Points of Interest” is my code name for personal creatively relevent history, gathering all valid expressions of artistic merit archived, filtering them and publishing the compilation in digest forms. This also applies to music, but in a much lesser extent.

My rationale is as such: if it took time and is visually vibrant, if it is expressively colorful and inspired, if it is the art of a unique, energetic moment, it is judged worthy and included in the digest.

I have chosen to not display items in strict chronological form. These books shall be available in 2018.