On the left a photo taken in 2016 — tweaked using the Prisma photo app.

At that moment I was throwing away the portfolio case I had lugged around for years. It was long ago provided for me by my parents, before I would enter the School of Visual Arts in NYC.

Originally I took it along for my admissions interview and cannot recall exactly what I used it for during school, but it eventually came to house all the comic art pieces I did, during my second year, when I was immersed in the curriculum cartoon. After my college experience, the case would continue to have many different examples of comic art added to it. I would make pieces, go through periods of fascination, intense constructive efforts — only to eventually file them in this case, a good percentage of all those works, having been seen by very few people.

The portfolio had been with me through the hills and valleys, as well as trenches of life. It signified the unprofitable, clueless, unfocused past and yet importantly ( for me ) I took this picture, capturing myself with it, giving it its send off, processing it and assigning it here to provide illustration for this page. Usefulness.

It is important for me now, this current version of myself, to process “what I have left”, art wise. When I say have left I mean this: Over time I have given away work,  sold some pieces and I also relocated every few years, so in those shuffles things, pieces as well as possessions were lost or even destroyed.

Quickly, through a collection category I have dubbed VPOI, or “Vanishing Points of Interest“,  I gather  art or music created during Parts 1 or 1.5 of my life and place them together in proper formats, able to be viewed for those curious. I am not a celebrity, but like every person on earth I have a flavor of story. Some people can recall and write about the most intricate, intimate details of their lives. I cannot do that — and what I do have are pieces of artwork, music and some photos to illustrate both.

As for the Parts?

I have come to the assessment that I have ( to date ) 4 major periods of my life:

  • Part 0
    This is my life from my birth until college
  • Part 1
    This is a sizable chunk of time, ranging from post-college to approximately 2012
  • Part 1.5
    This is from 2012 to 2014
  • Part 2
    This is from 2014 to the present.

As far as the content of the collected pages — I want everything to be as close to elevator pitch as possible — brief.