Histories ( VPOI + )

VPOI. An Armoredbaby History Project:

I am involved in a process which was officially started in 2003, when I practically attacked a large cache of “sketchbooks”. It was a collection I had been obsessively producing, book after book, without cease, since college and through the 90s-2000s.

Art lay in them, like oil lies in the ground. I guess you can say in 2003, on an explosive day, I began to extract elements of “art”, of freedom, or the truest expressions. I tore them away from affected paragraphs, separating them from account after account of “less than productive behaviors and pursuits”. My rationale for VPOI 1 and 2 is as such: if a drawing or painting is visually vibrant, if it is expressively colorful and inspired — honest — if it is the product of a unique, energetic moment, it is judged worthy and included in the digests.

As of 2017 VPOI has been divided into 3 volumes.

  • VPOI 1 is the result of that first assault in 2013. VPOI 2 is being handled similarly but less explosively. It is yet to be decided if it will be a separate book or an addendum to the VPOI1.
  • VPOI 3 is devoted to my experience with cartoon art.
    VPOI3 process if different from the first 2. It is a digest more chronologically presented.

Portfolio GoneA moment: Here I am in 2016 – discarding my weathered portfolio case. Presented to me as a gift, from my parents, celebrating my high school graduation and intended for my future, I would first use it during my interview at the School of Visual Arts.

Eventually it stored various “originals”, primarily ink works created during my SVA experience as a student of cartooning art. Ultimately it would house all other comic art pieces produced over the decades after college,  By 2016 it became unsightly and I migrated all works deemed worthy to a storage case.

I have a variety of VPOI for my music history. Similar logic to the art versions: take the best of and present them in a playlist.