Music is my dominating life-force. 

Pictured: me on stage with Riotgod at the Wacken Open Air festival in 2012. I am primarily a vocalist yet I also write lyrics and songs as well.

I currently am working on a one man act I refer to as “50.” Call that a working title.  I will dedicate a page for the show when the schedule for the performances becomes closer.

When not writing and composing the material for “50”, I do the sound design for my multimedia concept channel at Instagram, Flppnchnnlz Voice-overs, beats, micro-song writing, you name it, I do it to keep my “chops” so to speak.

Recordings, both vocal and instrumental that I have made with bands, other musicians and by myself can be heard at my Soundcloud.

Oh — sure — I through my hat in the ring for the Stone Temple Pilots vocalist search. I sung all the songs they required. The, as the contest dragged on, I took one demo song from the bands Soundcloud, imported it into Ableton, wrote lyrics to the instrumental, the subject being that of the contest itself.