Comics and Decisions

I have been solely focused on creating New Yorker cartoons.

Yes, I have a variety of cartoon dialects, like those rare linguistics one sees in local regions say in Britain or India.

I have on one hand these cartoon characters, like Amazonian tribespeople, rarely seen or changed since time immemorial ( in this case their universal time measure began in 1985 ) who have existed and made appearances though rare.

On the other hand I simply have this idea spring, which by the grace of Fortune has not died down or dried up. It is something between a volcano and hot springs, just there and but small evidence of a much greater overall force.

I recognize my little tribe of characters, in their peculiar world and promise to them SOME kind of exposure framed within this #newnow but for the sake of search engine truth and firm example of truth, I post this to sound the call and frequency loud.

I cannot show any examples of course of the current #newyorker offerings.

I have had periods where I have sent in submissions via mail and now it is all done online, digitally.

I will have a page/post here “up and close-ing” the experience across time, detailing this angle of my cartooning existence.