VPOI Book CoverVPOI Stands for “Vanishing Points of Interest”. It is a multi-media series focusing on archived creative efforts sorted into both print and audio-visual collections.

The first in the series is VPOI 1(+2). The book is filled with an assortment of salvaged sketches, glued together with notations, cartoon art and graphic improvisation.

Below is the link for the book to purchase. 25 dollars — a steal!


Earlier versions of VPOI 1(+2) had a detailed introduction which is not placed in the printed book. Would you like to read it? Feel free to download it here.

I printed 15 copies based off the 5th Proof.
These will be the “Inverted Jenny “ Series. The 15 ordered have 2 pages that are flawed. I have intended to send these first efforts out to a select few people, artists, compatriots. On the pages where the inconsistencies are evident, I will improvise each one in colored pencil, making them a bit more unique, rare, for what that is worth at all, right?

However, I went back in and uploaded a FULLY fixed version. Appropriately the publicly available version, uploaded on 05/18/20, to be offered for sale, will not have those flaws.