Flppn Chnnlz YouTube Reel

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The Primary Flppn Chnnlz Youtube Reel

While I organize the experience here at my web site for you, this is what is hot on the table right now, the Flppn Chnnlz “Animotion” Promotional Reel. Watch it, all 7 minutes of it. Share it to the proper people. Flppn Chnnlz was created by Mark Sunshine (me) initially for the Instagram environment. Currently all activities have been ported over to my Youtube channel and the Flppn Chnnlz variety of what I call #animationdesign will live on there. Everything in HD, #superpremium.

Approaching 2020

Mark Sunshine Artist Self-Portrait 2019

An extremely high percentage of my creative energy is being devoted to powering up my Youtube as a primary avenue of my content distribution online. This is to complement my FlppnChnnlz reel I am very very soon to be shopping.

Hijacking the hashtag #daysofmylives, via a domain name acquisition other clever appropriations, I reconstruct what has been a dormant area within my creative circumference. My plan: First I am creating dedicated archival playlists of merit, a variety of digital VPOI*.

*VPOI is a class of works ( visual art and musical works ) I am compiling that comprise creative projects I have completed between the years of 1987 and 2017.

My channel will have 3 categories, Music, Art and Life. Watch it all unfold at http://daysofmylives.com.