February 2023

I have been working on various painted boxes, putting together video and contemplating lyrics for a few Unida songs in the works.

Moon just about to hit me on a February weekend.
Images recently inked in Procreate.

Christmas 2022

I have just wrapped the last gift for my sweety pie. 7:46 am. The sun rises. Choir of St. George’s Chapel plays. I place here the illustration for Christmas I drew a long while ago. This image has become my yearly Christmas card, featuring an interaction between these two.

Unida Tour

Just before the adventure begins: Unida 2022

I am hooking up WordPress on the phone. I want to be able to really capture these moments because it is unlike anything I have ever done, while being very similar.

This Saturday at a bit after 5 pm, I will get on a plane taking me out to California. I am going to be singing for a classic band from the #desertrock scene, Unida. I have been rehearsing since approximately April. It really has been a 24-7 affair. Today is Tuesday September 6th.


I will be posting more about this, but I will be accompanying Unida as the vocalist for their Fall European tour. Newest dates to be posted as soon as all is set and done #stonerrock .

Mother’s Day 2022



April 25th 2022. I have started this fundraiser to aide in my getting my love down to see her daughter.

August 4th 2022. I keep the link active even though the mission was completed. Various personally crafted expressions of thanks are being crafted for those splendid souls who gave — both online and traditionally through the US mail, that is right good old fashioned checks! I have been wrapped up in life and haven’t even written about our trip down — but thing is we made it happen, those who gave, LB and I, Roo and Gus. It was a Mother’s Day to remember.

Let’s Just See:

I am re-crafting my entire online experience, meaning the experience I offer potential consumers of my particular melange of creative expression. New products to sell, aspects of my story, journey, call it what you will.