Comic Art

Comics and cartoons I was exposed to as a kid, especially via Mad magazine, the newspaper and even CARtoons magazine. I was introduced to cartooning properly at the School of Visual Arts NYC. I had the fortune of being able to experience classes with masters such as Harvey Kurtzman, Will Eisner and Gary Panter among others. This transformed me, like radiation has transformed any superhero, but oddly it was at once powerful, but long-lastingly subtle. Since those early days my fascination has continued. However, I have been quite the non-standard “cartoonist”. In 2023, I have a new plan. Don’t we all?

2023 will bring new attentions to cataloging my journey, as well as exploring the newer characters that have come to be the primary foils to my expressions. Above a full page color piece, to be autopsied in detail at my Youtube. This area of the website is being fleshed out, so bear with. Christmas season, day job has me captive.