My Collection: Mark Sunshine, Reviews

These are the reviews on record for my hard rock vocals. Yes they are not from last week, but take it from me, my 2021 voice is in top shape.

“ Vocalist Sunshine wails like he was cut from a cloth sewn by the late, great Ronnie James Dio, Robert Plant and Chris Cornell
Ryan Ogle, Outburn

Page should stop worrying about Myles Kennedy to front a Plant-less band to play Led Zep tunes and grab this guy.

He has such a retro-rock voice it is perfect for this fusion of seventies rock with 21st Century edge. His voice is a chameleon. Changing colours from Plant to Ozzy to Jon Anderson and multifarious shades of all in between.
Andy Bradshaw

Clearly a very talented singer, Mark delivers some great vocal lines…. — Jeff B.

“Riotgod occupy a sonic space somewhere between Torche, Soundgarden … but their secret weapon is fabulously named frontman Mark Sunshine, a vocalist of rare ability, versatility and power.”
Paul Brannigan, Metal Hammer

…a stand up and take notice vocalist.
Mike SOS

Mark Sunshine’s voice is so charismatic and electric, often times sounding like Chris Cornell or a young Robert Plant —  Kelley Simms

true talent … Sunshine’s vocals in particular.
Sam Smith

“(Driven•Rise) “A good and solid album with an extraordinary singer.””
Markus Wiedenmann, Markus’ Heavy Music Blog

(Driven•Rise) “…the vocals are the reason why one does not immediately press the
skip button.” + “compliment again to Mark Sunshine, whose singing is keeping the
record afloat.”

Melvin —

“Riotgod continue to be the stoner version of Queen in many respects..”
Andy Lye,

“ …. the vocal stylings of Mark Sunshine are so addictive.”
Tim Louie, Aquarian (Oct 30, 2013)

(Driven•Rise) Mark Sunshine takes the reigns as the album’s focal point. Sunshine – who is like a more manly Chris Cornell – is placed high in the mix, showing off his sly, hopped-up vocals across intrepid jams….”

“ the talent to challenge some of the current dull mainstream rock that is out today.”
Marcus Sutherland, (Jan 18, 2012)

(Driven•Rise) “A huge step forward from these Rock giants. And Mark Sunshine is one of the best singer in that scene!”
Jochen, Daredevil Records (Feb 28, 2014)

“It’s easy to see why this bunch were signed and why they went down so well on the touring circuit.
Marty Dodge, (Jan 02, 2012)

“ — vocals, song crafting, and production. These three things could not be any better.”
Jeff Barnes, (Nov 26, 2011)

“a distinct brand of slower stoner rock/metal with Mark’s aggressive and impressive range giving them their own flavor.”
Matt Coe, (Dec 27, 2011)

Mark Sunshine has found a way to pull inspiration from singers like Ronnie James Dio, Layne Staley and former Mother Love Bone vocalist Andrew Wood to create a raw, passionate and organic voice.
Don De Leaumont,

Le chanteur Sunshine…  un vocaliste efficace doté d’un organe puissant et diversifié. Chroniqué par Laurent