Up early. My go to for a while was to scramble together some kind of expression, a mixture of sonic and visual. My beacon choice for a long while was my Instagram. There was a time when I treated the account as a kind of parody network and I placed a lot of energy into it but that was before I upgraded my musical equipment and became closer to my goal. So yesterday for the first time I decided to not have that be the morning creative activity and set my IG on a hold pattern: no reliance on Throwback Thursday, no cobbled together expressionism. Today I devote the ever so brief amount of time before work, to better familiarizing myself with not the amazing enormity of what my chosen hardware ( Ableton with Push2 ) can do generally, but specifically what I need it to do for ME.


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It is May of 2018. I have scrapped the other look for this website.I have deleted stale articles serving as poor example of actuality.

I am paring down the excess. I look at my stats briefly and notice the understandably light traffic. This is OK for now. Expectable.

In the most recent past, as I have been putting together the tools for my solo music performance, I have been primarily involved in expressing myself through my Instagram account.

What started out as a simple personal account, with photos and such, became an avenue for more advanced offerings, especially as IG expanded their format to include videos of greater length. What was the Armoredbaby account became FlppnChnnlz.

The idea was to spoof old school network TV and eventually ANY kind of formal network. Essentially this served its purpose as I gathered both my thoughts as well as necessary basic equipment needed.

This format unfolded over 2016 to late 2017. It featured animations and video appropriations, all to music scores and sound design by myself. Truthfully the goal was to use Instagram as the conduit and by the activity there, I could produce a reel.

I did produce quite a few gems from this period of attention. These are being compiled and will be in concise volumes at a newly created Vimeo channel.

FCNNN, or the Flppn Chnnlz NeoNanoNetwork I now consider along the lines of the Ernie Kovacs Show  (“…The show appeared in many versions and formats, including daytime, prime-time, late-night, talk show, comedy, and as a summer replacement series…” ) where it was a little Golden Age production of my own. It is early on a Saturday morning and I must get on with the day.

My other pages here so far remain in the same order and time marches on. New content and new, truly new times are emerging.