A look back at a cartoon.

This is the last — not the last one I will ever do — but the last color full page cartoon I’ve done. From a Facebook memory suggestion and a repost, plus a bit of praise from my friend Rob, I was prompted to place it here. Actually I thought I had!

This will be placed in my book of “comic art experiences” for the lack of a better book description. I have called the book VPOI 3 – a code. It will have a proper title.

This cartoon is an improvisation on a idea: Mr. Peanut looked pretty high society. I imagined he’d have other nut friends, all these kind of Great Gatsby, blue blood snobs.

I researched — went deep — seeds, drupes, legumes, nuts and as usual a plot line, rhythm and eventual comic resolution developed. I even placed in the Egyptian Goddess Nut, as well as a Nutcracker. The building at the top is modeled on references from Planters first headquarters, which looked like a bank; the sleeping guy at the top left he is the founder of Planters peanuts — note, an immigrant who built the company up from nothing, selling peanuts in paper bags.

Looking back the piece is a bit busy, I’ll admit, a lot of word balloons in that soiree middle stretch — I think it could make a lovely animated piece. I crammed all my ideas into this semi-curvy one page layout.

I still can say, sometimes I am more fascinated with the construction of the layout, at times impractically so. I will have a show of pieces that are strictly constructed as layouts without comics inside them.

A page devoted especially to my cartoon experiences is coming.

A note about this picture to the left which was taken early in the work on the piece: that is my “Bonnie Lassie” nib holder / quill call it what you will.


The Keeping of Inspirations

Here is one of my inspiration pieces. Irrespective of my status as a musician, deep in my soul, there exists that same youth, who was amazed at the process of creating cartoons, making characters talk and relate to each other, establishing relationships and feeling the beauty of the timing required for humor. I started an idea for a daily strip format and it not so much haunts me as appears to me, like that one player on the bench of the baseball dugout.

I seriously contemplate using the daily format but making it into a graphic novel combo text book, like some other fantastic examples I have seen.

Flppn Chnnlz Youtube Channel

I recently tore apart my Instagram, Flppn Chnnlz, archiving some images and videos, deleting many, many more. But unlike it being some manic episode, it was not, it was the action required after a continuing analysis of what I consider my Network Petit.

After years of posting, even before FC, I always cringed at the overall layout ugliness — eventually. No matter what the page seems a hodge-podge.

So I decided to change that. Currently I am implementing a look and format that will please myself as well as I believe the viewer. The best videos created — that were deleted — will be replaced on the site in time, within the new format.

A good portion of some of the more visual and soundtrack work, thematic FlppnChnnlz features under the titles of #fractalfriday #tbt #vocalwednesday and others are warehoused at the Google+ brand page. Google does not let you have a unique ID or url until your channel or brand reaches certain benchmarks – so I go the tiny URL route for now.


Placing them all up in one day is prohibitive, cutting into creative time. So posts will be placed up over time, relaxed right post — right time.

Montezuma’s Revenge Art

Here you see the original Montezuma’s Revenge screen from the game as it was originally produced in 1983 by my good friend, Rob Jaeger. If you look closely you can see my credit for concept, which was a very thoughtful inclusion.

Even though that little line was removed when the game was acquired by Parker Bros., I am forever linked to the game.

Yes it is an early Atari era game, but it has its devotees and the title is not an ossified relic. It has been ported to Android and iPhone platforms and was even a game of greater challenge for Google’s DeepMind AI.

Recently, Rob acquired for his personal enjoyment, quite a dandy cabinet, through which one can play a multitude of games.

Gaming CabinetRob has enlisted me to create artwork based on Montezuma’s Revenge for the cabinet.

I will be creating scenes which will be applied via vinyl appliqué to the sides, the controller top, the top logo area and possibly around the monitor itself.

I have been posting sketch artwork up to the game’s Facebook page along with my posts here.

When this all gets completed I will surely take photos once the cabinet artwork has been applied.

This is exciting, transforming the stock cabinet with attractive appliqués.


See the original opening promo from the original Montezuma’s Revenge here, at Archive.org

I will post the final artwork before printing and later, pictures of the overlays applied to the cabinet.

Below is one of the recent Pedro sketches.




2017 is here. Every year since enabling WordPress, I’ve typed out some kind of affirmative statement or prediction for the upcoming year. I will not do that now.

For years I endeavored to design the whole deal, ground up. Yet — real snappy customization and the time it demands of me — not this time. Down the line perhaps I will pay someone to do something entirely UI dazzling, but for now, simplicity serves. I don’t want anything taking away from either my ability to truly create new things or their ability to be presented without distraction.

A few, limited features shown in other versions of the site will return — but these days it is all about vibrant new  material.

Importantly — an online store has been added. In the past people would contact me various ways, and commissions can still be arranged, but items shall become more available as they are created and promoted.

My greatest multimedia efforts are concentrated at http://instagram.com/flppnchnnlz.
*Flppn Chnnlz are re-broadcast at the Flppn Chnnlz Youtube account.