publishAll of the artwork planned for my book titled “Vanishing Points of Interest” ( VPOI ) has been scanned in. VPOI will be originally available as a perk for my Indiegogo campaign currently being organized and planned for mid-2015.

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Surfacing for a brief moment

Paint Left on the PalletDid you ever stare at the blank screen ( paper ) feeling the urge to write something you have written before? Awful awareness.

Presented here on the left, a piece I have had around. Much like the painted globe I worked on, this piece eats up extra paint left over on the pallet. I can’t recall exactly when it was started, but it continues.

Does it matter what transformations I am experiencing personally — the fact that they influence in some small way, how I create?

I guess you can say I am recognizing what elements are very, very important to me, in all aspects of life. I work on the things I said I would offer for sale, prepare an Indieagogo campaign for my music and that is all for now.

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Elephant Talk Atlantic City Awards Graphic

ELEPHANT_posterHere is a graphic I made for the The 5th Annual Elephant Talk Indie Music Awards 2014. Click on it to see the nominees — I am in the mix!

Breaking News ! Live from Atlantic City NJ, The 5th Annual Elephant Talk Indie Music Awards 2014 Nominees have been announced!

Mark Sunshine – Best Male Vocalist RIOTGOD **Non Local RIOTGOD – Best Hard Rock Band **Non Local
Mark Sunshine – Best Performance of The Year A Capella Oktoberfest 2014

Awards will be held at Le Grand Fromage, 25 Gordon’s Alley in Atlantic city on Dec 27th 6PM , featuring the best in local and non-local acts that have played Atlantic city during the 2014 year ! Time to vote !
**Non-local winners will be announced nov 23rd. Local winners will be announced at the show on the 27th !

Vote for Mark Sunshine and for RIOTGOD by posting your choice/vote to this page

Congratulations to all Nominees !!!

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Riotgod’s Rematerializes


Riotgod after what I have called the longest pit stop on earth, returns to the stage in Atlantic City, New Jersey on Saturday October 18th. It is a two day event sponsored by Elephant Talk Indie Music magazine and I will perform a guest vocal on Friday too….

Above, one of the graphics I did with Instagram in mind. I love making those mini-bills. I did another where I appropriated the de jour DO AC logo.


Go to our Facebook for the event.

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2014 was the fast-moving year — the epitome of one of my improvised by-lines

” going with the pyroclastic flow”

Above, a piece I am working on. Usual — click on it to enlarge. It came from a concept scribbled on a piece of paper and now it is being fleshed out. Excuse me, I have to go write some new music. More about that later.


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K Series for Sale!

New pieces up for sale.

K2_mediumWhile the K Series continues to be worked on, now one can acquire one such piece for their own, see here. Each of these pieces are quite ridiculously detailed, a lot of love and work going into them. Click on the thumbnail for a closer look at K2!

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New Art for Sale – Mark Sunshine

Mark Sunshine Art SaleI have added more items to the Object sales page here, painted and collaged, one of a kind items.

It would be great to sell them off, let them go on to some new place.

Go here to see what is available.

More new items are being conceived for every price range.

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Printed matter for sale

I placed up a page for the sale of unique printed items. This is just the beginning of a varied menu of items.

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Mega Monday Rain 7/14/14

Spent this afternoon going over this site and others, catching up old addresses, correcting dated copy and things like that, more so after the rains came. We did get to take a few photos outside but not as many as anticipated. So as the rain poured down I went about preparing the comprehensive array of salable items, no matter how small or particular. Images, Paypal buttons.

Some things I placed on my Saatchi site. To see if the photos would be good enough, to get an idea of what else I might want to place there, the “Why not?” factor.

Trumpet VineSummer passes by slowly yet quickly and this is made more evident by the configuration of this year’s front garden section, heavily occupied by creeper plants. This one pictured on the left has reached the bird feeder.

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Cartoons call

Mark Sunshine Art Desk

My view, after breakfast. My desk. The music during this view ( on a Saturday morning ) provided via Youtube. You see, I am sure I have mentioned the daily cartoon goal I have.

The cartoon has sat while I have gathered my desires over this year. What to get to? Sometimes it is a matter of what calls to you. I “received” several ideas this week concerning the “Daily” project, all of them in the morning. This post is a way of my simply acknowledging their receipt to the Universe. I did jot them down into the “Proportional” sketchbook.

Comic sketchbook

Above, the Proportional Sketchbook. I made this sketchbook on a whim. When I am really into it, I thought, I want those sketches to be in proportion, to get it looking as close to the end result. For those who have not seen the e-book featuring the construction method, this is made with xerox paper sporting a cover of packing tape. The kind of packing tape cranked out on the old machine, glue covered, wet underside, threaded with filaments of fine strong fibers. When the tape hardens, boy is it a durable cover, like school days, book cover deluxe.

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