Action Packed

Message On the left today’s view of action.
I had this sketch posted, taped to the wall by my desk.  I cannot recall if I was going to re-do it then ink it or whatever.

The other afternoon I took it down and attended to it. I am organizing a book of my specific creative pursuits and artifacts, direct and collateral results of my creative life. Elements like this will be in it.

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The K Series Continues

A progrees view of the piece I am working on currently in the K Series.

A progress view of the piece I am working on currently in the K Series.

Spring approaches and here is a view of the current piece, K4. I recently returned to it after a pause in attention. I have more to write here but first coffee. I had a real scare here but then worked it out — index page showed nothing! Not good!

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On the left, one of the pieces I have myself involved with lately.

Click on it, see the possibility of the vacant real estate. It has a setting and concept devoted to it. As usual and this time a bit more uncomfortably , I set the layout first, to piece the story in later.

I refer briefly to Mars Retrograde. I look into its characteristics, the “effects.”

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Ambient 12:31+Inking

I don’t want to state the speed of things, progress, creation, fast or slow.

How I love making circles with the drafting tools. I went with LB to Michael’s the other day, thinking to pick up a drafting set for her daughter. All the sets were lacking the inking nib. I couldn’t believe it!

Click on the image to the left, you know, make it larger if you like. It is a view of desk number 2 and pictured are the pieces of a layout to be stitched together, with comic art to be placed inside the panels.

I was introduced to the wonders of the compass inking nib as I first started to really enjoy creating more precise layouts inked with rulers  – back in college and more so after college. I was very into Herriman, who of course used circles quite wonderfully and I wanted those kinds of circles. My father it just so happened had a drafting set from his university days. It had a leather type, textured black case and a blue velvet-like interior. It was a complete kit. Similar sets can be seen here.

On the music front Riotgod has its CD being released here in the States next Tuesday. I have done a few interviews both written and phone. THere have been some snafus but — hey — I roll with it, keeping the faith, kinda.

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K4: The K Series Continues

Here is the latest piece in the K Series of art. Click the picture for the huge version pop-up. I started this, getting the outline done and let it sit for a bit. I wanted to let it rest so as I did not continue the energy of the prior piece ( K3) If you do not know, I post many updates on my Instagram, showing the pieces as they transform.

Also here, on the side we see some comic pieces that await my further attention.

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Metagens: my latest e-book

Here is the compilation Metagens. I uploaded it this afternoon, part of my “C&T” campaign. I have festooned the presentation with all the tags and other necessities. Onward.

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Animation Mark Sunshine

I just posted this Youtube up. In this C&T period, everything is being assessed and if warranted, it will be shown without too much fanfare, like evidence. Exhibit ABC’s. Here some animations that became swept away with time. Salvaged from the archives. Re-exhibited in this capsule.

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In my spirit of crossing I’s and dotting T’s I compile into a digital representation a series of “xerox expressions” created a long while ago.

These booklets were created in 07 and very few remain in hard copy. I compile a digital version and for any interested in such ephemera, will make some hard copy collection packs available, just to be thorough…to validate the very action undertaken. As it usually manifests, they are like a graphic fossils…part explosion, part journal, part graphic sketchbook complete with randomly found items around that particular employment locale.

Essentially I either want to exhibit certain creations ( ITTT Rule ) that have been senselessly hidden, focus on K series for gallery exhibition and importantly realize music idea after JX-305 C.A. is completed.

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Here is a quick view of the newest piece called K3.

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I have been working on the newest piece — K3!

Pictures will be coming soon. The very beginning shots were captured by LB but before I place anything up here I want to get a few sections totally taken care of. It is color and it will really be something! Greenbox is being varnished and in general, work continues as we head on our collision course for 2014.

As far as music goes, I work on the lyrics for a new piece of the JX-305 C.A.

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