Mark Sunshine on stage • Riotgod at Wacken 2012 – photo Josefin Larsson


He has such a retro-rock voice it is perfect for (the) fusion of seventies rock with 21st Century edge. His voice is a chameleon. Changing colours from Plant to Ozzy to Jon Anderson and multifarious shades of all in between.
– Andy Bradshaw •

“aggressive and impressive range…”
– Matt Coe •

Le chanteur Sunshine… un vocaliste efficace doté d’un organe puissant et diversifié.
Laurent •

How this man hasn’t had loads of success is an absolute mystery. Sunshine’s vocals are diverse and excellent…
– Trevor Portz •

Mark Sunshine has found a way to pull inspiration from singers like Ronnie James Dio, Layne Staley and former Mother Love Bone vocalist Andrew Wood to create a raw, passionate and organic voice.

Mark Sunshine’s voice is so charismatic and electric, often times sounding like Chris Cornell or a young Robert Plant
Kelley Simms •

This guy really has a great throat…

Clearly a very talented singer, Mark delivers some great vocal lines….
Jeff B. •

a stand up and take notice vocalist
Mike SOS •

Page should stop worrying about Myles Kennedy to front a Plant-less band to play Led Zep tunes and grab this guy.

true talent …
Sam Smith •

Sunshine is a bright light as a front man and his vocal style is an excellent fit.
Dave Scott •