Mark Sunshine, multimedia creative +.

About me? Many people simply call me Sun•Shine. I am a creative multimedia artist, musician.

As of 2017, I supremely concentrate on music, as a singer-songwriter and composer, bringing my long-planned solo performance to life. #hellbent

Aside from that super-primary musical aspect of my life, I engage in graphic art, cartooning and illustration. I also have art and colorful, uniquely crafted objects for sale.

While I gather the resources and equipment needed for my performance, I express myself ( using various tools and talents )  through, FlppnChnnlz,  my Instagram channel. The best elements of that area I am compiling into a reel.

Regarding my creative activity in the past, I have organized a plan called VPOI, which stands for Vanishing Points of Interest. Learn more about that in the Histories.

I travel into the future, day by night with my ♥ Lakota Blue™,  both of us keepin’ our heads above water — makin’ a wave when we can.

I created Armoredbaby Creative Industries in 1999 and today it serves as the umbrella for all things sun•shine.