Mark Sunshine Art for Sale


I am Mark Sunshine:

Call me sun•shine. I produce creative multimedia —  I’m an artist and musician.

My unique signature or make-up is as follows:

• I produce comic art.
• I produce graphic art.
• I create animations and sound design 4 them.
• I produce paintings and drawings.
• I write, both the scripts required for my animations as well as lyrics for my music.

 I have supreme art for sale.

NOTE: I am the Mark Sunshine associated with the creation of the classic Atari era video game “Montezuma’s Revenge”

While this game was created in the mid 1980’s, it has gone through many versions and today is available on many popular mobile platforms.

Processing and coherently presenting a collection of my various creative actions over certain time periods has required a plan dubbed VPOI, or Vanishing Points of Interest. It is a tongue in cheek title. If you like, read more about it: Histories.

I travel into the future, day by night with my ♥ Lakota Blue™

I created Armoredbaby Creative Industries in 1999 and today it serves as the umbrella for all things sun•shine.

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