Mark Sunshine Art for Sale


I am Mark Sunshine: Multimedia Creative +.

Please, call me Sun•Shine. I am a creative multimedia artist. I am also a musician. I am primarily a vocalist, known as a hard rock frontman however, lately I operate as a solo performer.

My unique signature or make-up is as follows:

• I produce comic art.
• I produce graphic art.
• I create animations and the sound design required for them.
• I produce paintings and drawings.
• I write, both the scripts required for my animations as well as creating the sound design, which includes voice overs for characters created.


NOTE: I am also the Mark Sunshine associated with the creation of the classic Atari era video game “Montezuma’s Revenge” via my long-time friendship with the video game’s programmer and creator, Robert Jaeger.

FlppnChnnlz  is my Instagram presence. The best elements of the micro-channel I am compiling into a reel: animations, visuals, motion design and micro-art.

Processing and coherently presenting a collection of my recorded creative actions over certain time periods has required a plan dubbed VPOI, or Vanishing Points of Interest. It is a tongue in cheek title. If you like, read more about it: Histories.

YES: I have uniquely crafted objects for sale.

I travel into the future, day by night with my ♥ Lakota Blue™

I created Armoredbaby Creative Industries in 1999 and today it serves as the umbrella for all things sun•shine.

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