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This site of mine will be being stripped down. Anything in depth I will be creating via video and Youtube, this site will serve to promote my artistic creations as well as the sale of them. A small section of classic archives will also remain. #daysofmylives — Right now I am busy doing graphics for #montezumasrevengegame. My VPOI self published book is available for purchase, learn more here.


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Mark Sunshine
A Recent Photograph.

You have reached the website of Mark Sunshine, artist and musician. During Spring 2020 it is being radically pared down. A great deal of energy is being devoted to my Youtube channel branded as the Days of My Lives. I prefer video and do not “blog” here ( or anywhere else for that matter ) Browse what you will to learn more about me. Please visit my shop, where one can acquire my hand-crafted one-of-a-kind art pieces as well as other merchandise.

Flppn Chnnlz YouTube Reel

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The Primary Flppn Chnnlz Youtube Reel

While I organize the experience here at my web site for you, this is what is hot on the table right now, the Flppn Chnnlz “Animotion” Promotional Reel. Watch it, all 7 minutes of it. Share it to the proper people. Flppn Chnnlz was created by Mark Sunshine (me) initially for the Instagram environment. Currently all activities have been ported over to my Youtube channel and the Flppn Chnnlz variety of what I call #animationdesign will live on there. Everything in HD, #superpremium.